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Completed Monday, 11 January 2016

For Brassivoire, part of the Heineken company, in Ivory Coast.

Responsible for brand building and innovation programs through development, planning, execution, evaluation & refinement of individual brand strategies & objectives to ensure sustainable brand health, market share growth & profitability.

1. Brand building
• Contribute to the Development of Brand Strategy, deriving from BWP under the supervision of the Directeur Commercial
• Define yearly brand objectives and translate into Annual Brand Plan
• Define and update Jobs to be Done (Jtbd) for Primus
• Analyse and translate FMB and BHT into actionable point for his brand
• Undertake half yearly review of Brand activities and propose changes if necessary.
• Follow up & evaluation of Primus activities.
• Develop & update brand manual.
• Participate in research on Primus, lead and support CMI in consumer immersions to develop appropriate insights for Brand building; Participate in specific Primus studies with the collaboration of the media & information department.
• Lead the development of the Brand in a Bottle (Biab) for Primus in 2016
• Follow up & evaluation of Primus activities.

2. Advertising
• Develop & execute advertising strategies to communicate efficiently Primus.
• Lead the advertising development process (Briefing, Creative and advertising productions) under supervision of Directeur Commercial.
• Contribute to the formulation of the Primus media strategy of brands in consultation with the media department, including translating new insights on consumer media (traditional & Digital) habits into new media strategy
• Define in consultation with Media team, the appropriate media investments and media plans related to the brand.
• Manage the interface with advertising agencies with regards to developing and executing campaigns as well as ad hoc advertising needs.
• Lead the evaluation of advertising (pre- and post) researches to feed in and feedback on effective advertising.
• Manage the actualization of Primus facebook and other social media in accordance with Rules and Guidelines on Responsible communication.
• Ensure that all our brand communication, sponsorship and promotions promote responsible alcohol use.

3. Sponsorship
• Develop & execute sponsorship strategies to communicate efficiently Primus.
• Coordinate sponsorship investments related to Primus.
• Coordinate sponsorship activities of Primus with the collaboration of the event department.
• Manager interface withSponsorship Partners under the sponsorship of Primus.
• Identify new sponsorship opportunities expected to drive better brand experience.
• Lead the evaluation of sponsorships (formal & informal) researches to feed-in and feedback on effective sponsorships

4. Promotions
• Develop promotional strategies & objectives to communicate efficiently Primus positioning in right channels with the collaboration of the Trade Marketing department.
• Evaluate implementation of promotional activities related to brands with the collaboration of the Trade Marketing department in order to meet Primus objectives.
• Identify new promotional opportunities expected to drive better Primus experience.•

5. Visibility
• Develop efficient & impactful visibility strategies for Primus in right channels with the collaboration of the Trade Marketing department.
• Coordinate with the Trade Marketing department the development and the update of the POS pyramid, defining new POS & Merchandise from insights and market trends and adapted to different channel and outlet types
• Evaluate deployment of visibility items of Primus in right channels & right outlets with the collaboration of the Trade Marketing department.

6. Profitability
• Continuously evaluate brand costs and profitability whilst exploring means to maximise profitability

7. Budget management & cost effectiveness
• Contribute to the definition of the Annual Budget for the brand
• Search and apply effective measures to improve cost effectiveness of all activities related to the brand.
• Monitor budget utilisation and provide early warning and corrective measures.

8. Research, Innovations & consumer insights
• Define the Research needs in relation to the brand plan and in consultation with Research Team
• Drive the implementation of Research results
• Lead the Consumer Insight generation process for the brand.
• Use Consumer Insights to Define and Drive innovations in terms of products, Sku’s, advertising, sponsorship, promotions and visibility.
• Define the Consumer Insights for Primus
• Lead Innovation Projects related to Primus in concert with Research Team and Innovations Manager
• Regularly update self on Market trends & development and use this to enrich management of Primus.

Major Requirements
• Demonstrate clear understanding of Marketing Concepts (marketing mix, brand positioning, brand equity, brand communication).
• Demonstrate understanding and knowledge of Heineken NV Consumer Insights Generation, BWP (Building Winning Portfolio) and BBF (Brand Building Framework), Advertising development and production and Social Media
• Broad functional experience in areas of sales, market development, market research and planning, promotions/advertising
• Proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint
• Project Management
• Reasonable Finance Knowledge for non-financial managers

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