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Completed Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Job Summary

To strengthen the key IT capabilities in West Africa, client seeks a business driven IT professional, to own, build and drive a 2 year innovation program, and bring the local IT organization to the next level, in close cooperation with the central Corporate IT organization.
The so-called Client leader for Nigeria is a strategic business partner for the Managing Director and his Management team. He/she is responsible for the creation and delivery of the ICT Joint Business Plan for 2016 and 2017. The client leader combines deep business understanding with technical mastery. He/she will quickly build a trusted relationship with the local management team, as well as in the central organization in the Netherlands. We seek a person that is capable to bring an outside-in view to the OpCo and connect the local team to the central ICT organization / global projects, and drive innovation.

Job Details
As a client leader ICT for Nigeria you will:
Own the ICT Joint Business Plan (JBP) for Nigeria: as the 2016 JBP has been set, your primary responsibility is to secure local business commitment, central ICT commitment, funding and staffing needed for successful execution in line with the plan. For 2017, you own the process to align, define, and execute the JPB. You will ensure that all transformation initiatives are in line with Corporate and Business Group strategies, needs and opportunities.

Own the delivery of the agreed strategic ICT projects: you will ensure all projects are delivered ‘on time, in full’, and create the business conditions for delivery according to plan, including business adoption of new capabilities introduced. You act as a program manager to monitor key milestones and deliverables. You will actively mitigate any project- or business continuity risks. You will also quickly test new ideas (drive innovation).

Own ICT-operations: you will ensure excellent performance of all business critical ICT-systems in Nigeria. You will manage total cost and consumption of ICT, and govern operational excellence (on cost, quality and speed). You will lead from the front in case of critical business incidents, and –more importantly- have a clear and pro active plan to further reduce Prio1 incidents.

Own client management: you will build a strategic business partner relationship with the local management team, driving more ‘value for the ICT buck’. You will have regular sessions in the local LT, to update on progress & plans. Based on a strong business understanding and an outside-in view on technology trends, you will show the LT what the industry does, and advice on business growth opportunities through leveraging IT.

Own people management: you will assess, guide and develop the local ICT resources in Nigeria. You own performance assessment, training, and hiring decisions.

Business reporting line is into Finance Director Nigeria. ICT reporting line for day to day operations is into Regional ICT Client leader Middle East & Africa.

Key Qualifications
• Highly qualified business professional on managerial level
• Business leader first, ICT leader second
• Has held strategic ICT-positions in multinational/international business environment
• Has been involved in business transformation
• Knowledge of the business complexity, preferably in FMCG
• Up to date on IT trends and developments
• Able to identify ICT strengths and weaknesses in the organization.
• Result focused (not activity focused)

To be a business partner / adviser for OpCo management team
• Strategic thinking and alignment skills (vision/concepts)
• Highly effective relationship management / building
• Adaptable / flexible
• Ability to push back when required
• Strong and clear communicator
• Externally connected (benchmark and bring outside in approach)
• Planning and organizing
• Right diagnoses and problem solver
• Be a counterpart to consultants / third parties
• People manager skills to develop and manage a professional ICT organization

• Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems or related study.
• MBA / MSc degree
• Relevant certifications

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