Manufacturing Director FMCG, Lagos, Nigeria COMPLETEDWhat are we looking for

Saturday, 16 June 2018

For a large FMCG company that produces markets and sells in Nigeria and produces for export markets of West Africa. The Manufacturing Director ensures proper functioning of Operations and Supply chain processes, in line with the business strategy, in order to deliver products according to the requirements of the clients, in a cost efficient way, so that business value is added to the OpCo. Safety, Quality and Productivity are of paramount importance.

Broad responsibility for Manufacturing, and Procurement
MT member
Normal time-critical-driven logistical process.
Emerging market
Focus on growth strategy

Involved in the business to be a business partner for the MD, and a manager for his MT and all his employees
Able to determine and steer business implications of change-management
Good communication skills
Diagnoses and problem solving skills
Financial Management skills

Main KPI’s:
Costs of goods
Budget control
Conversion costs
Capacity utilization
Service levels (timely deliverance)
Capex / investments
Realization of improvement programs
Cost leadership in Supply Chain
Accident frequency rate
Consumer complaints level
Environmental performance
Production plan conformance
Forecast Accuracy

Academic, industrial engineer
Project management
Costs and budgets
Production, Supply chains and Logistics
Continuous improvement programs

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