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Completed Thursday, 6 November 2014

For FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria. Expat role. Ensures proper functioning of Operations and Supply chain processes, in line with the business strategy, in order to deliver products according to the requirements of the clients, in a cost efficient way, so that business value is added to the OpCo. Safety, Quality and Productivity are of paramount importance.



  • Broad responsibility for purchase and supply chain
  • MT member
  • Normal time-critical-driven logistical process.
  • Emerging market
  • Focus on growth strategy
  • Product volume mio Kg: 133.4 Million Kilos (2015)
  • Product groups: 5
  • Number SKU’s: 17
  • Supply Chain: 29


Strategy Result Area(s):

Formulates the Supply Chain strategy for the Business Line (OpCo), consistent with the strategy of the BG and OpCo, which results in mid to long term plans for Supply Chain.


Business Year Planning Result Area(s):

Sets up and implements year plans for the OpCo, including budgets, in line with the strategy of the BG and the OpCo, the market developments and it’s financial and other business objectives, which gives guidance for the activities of the Supply Chain.


Production Result Area(s):

Ensures the integration and translation of demand plans into adequate production plans and develops and maintains a production organization (including operational planning, continuous improvement programs, and engineering), in order to ensure cost efficient production of the agreed products.


Technical Engineering Result Area(s):

Ensures proper functioning of technical engineering of the OpCo, in order to ensure cost efficient production of the agreed products.


Quality Result Area(s):

Implements and ensures the execution of quality policies for the OpCo, in line with the BG strategy and corporate, external quality and legal requirements, in order to provide quality assurance for the production process and deliver high quality products to customers.


Purchasing / Sourcing Result Area(s):

To purchase raw materials and equipment, in line with the Category Procurement Strategy and the Business Procurement Strategy, resulting in the timely availability of goods and/or services under the best possible conditions.


Cost Price Management Result Area(s):

Ensures the determination of cost prices based on the alignment of the production planning to the demand plans within the OpCo strategy and corporate guidelines. Investment and Financial Management Result Area(s): To manage the financial process and Capex / Investment programs, in compliance with the Group’s Financial Management policy, resulting in the agreed upon investments and financial objectives and insight in financial results , which enable management to steer.


Budget Control Result Area(s):

Controls the budget(s) of the department, takes corrective actions when necessary, and ensures adequate reporting, to ensure that the departments deliver their budgets. Human Resources Management


Result Area(s):

To manage the human resources management process, in compliance with the FrieslandCampina Human Resources Management policy, resulting in the desired organizational structure, culture and workforce.

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