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Wednesday, 20 June 2018
  • Determine the performance excellence vision and strategic focus for
  • Technology, Projects and Capex Engineering

Ensure alignment with relevant strategies/vision, Corporate Performance Excellence and fighting units/OPCOs.

Oversee implementation of action plans.

  • Lead in setting and implementing policies and standards for all the relevant pillars of performance excellence. Support compliance within the OPCO.
  • Own the programme/project management framework. Ensure alignment with corporate standards. End to end responsibility for critical projects/programme portfolio in the OPCO.
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement of relevant business metrics, risk analysis, be the sparring partner for your colleagues providing expertise and support to improve the relevant business KPIs.
    • Co-driver of the four zeros.

      • Strategy

        • Determine the performance excellence vision for the OPCO including the strategic building blocks and strategic focus for each block.
        • Ensure alignment of OPCO performance excellence strategy with the BG performance excellence strategy. End to end responsibility for translating strategy into action in the different building blocks( Technology, Projects and Capex Engineering)
        • Ensure seamless execution of strategy and action plans for Technology, Capex Engineering and Project Office.
        • Ensure strategic and technical support for fighting units in OPCO’s, Technology, Capex Engineering and Project.


        • Defines and implements the OPCO Performance Excellence organization. End to end responsibility for the OPCO, Technology, Capex Engineering, Programme and Project organization including structure, capabilities, governance and ensures alignment between the organizational design and strategy of OPCO’s Fighting units.
        • Responsible for end to end implementation and continuous improvement of the blueprint

        Projects/Programme Management

    • Ensure an appropriate programme/project management framework is in place and incorporates key parameters/performance measures and value adding topics. Establish formal and standard reporting arrangements on projects/programme in the OPCO.
    • Define criteria for control/management of programmes/project within OPCO
    • End to end responsibility of programme /project budget for the OPCO.
    • Be the interface between the business/programme/project owners and the programme/project manager to ensure delivery of critical business objectives/portfolios.
    • Take the lead and advise OPCO management Sponsor
    • Ensures and secures resources for projects and programmes including the right capabilities within the OPCO. Ensure team have the right certifications and qualifications to deliver the framework and objectives.


    • Responsible for all asset care in the function working with the Performance Excellence Manager for Engineering
    • Own the process of maintaining an efficient unified and fully integrated technology system.

     Continuous Improvement

    • Lead evaluation and continuous improvement of key business metrics for OPCO performance. Develop and implement measures to improve the business. Be the “go to person” in the team that supports functional business improvement ambitions. Develop potential changes and make suggestions to colleagues to improve the business.
    • Oversee key performance improvement initiatives. Facilitate/set up multidisciplinary teams to lead business process improvement.
    • Maintain industry knowledge on performance excellence, safety, technology and innovation, be aware of global standards and up to date practices as it concerns the building blocks of performance excellence. Advise OPCO management and other stakeholders appropriately.

     Safety, Health and Environment

    • Direct the general Health Safety and Environment policies for function. Ensure alignment with OPCO’s SHE policies/standards.
    • Direct the implementation of Safety, Health and Environment standards and policies in functional areas.Skills:
      • Strategy
      • Organization
      • Continuous Improvement
      • Projects/Programme Management
      • SHE
      • Maintenance Technology
      • Food Technology
      • SC Performance


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